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At Brighton Wealth Management, we proudly dedicate ourselves to serving your financial planning and investment goals.

As a fee-only fiduciary financial firm, we build a strong collaborative relationship with our clients while we deliver comprehensive, sophisticated and holistic wealth management plans.

We personalize your wealth management strategies and make sure you clearly understand all aspects of your plan.


Why We Are Different

We focus 100% on your financial outcomes, customize your financial plans and invest for your best interests. As a fee-only firm, our fiduciary responsibility is to always make your interests our highest priority.

Since our financial and investment plans revolve around you, your plans are designed to meet your specific needs and goals.

It’s All About You

All of our clients are unique. At Brighton Wealth Management, we treat every client as an individual. We develop custom portfolios to help you better manage and expand your wealth.

When we simultaneously reduce risk and enhance overall returns, you can live a more enjoyable life with a little help from smarter investment portfolios.

financial planning

Here at Brighton Wealth Management, we focus on a three-step Financial Planning Process: 

1. Assess

Often great relationships begin the old fashioned way – with a one-on-one conversation. In our initial meeting, we discuss your specific financial needs, wants and concerns. From there we can analyze more closely and include your timelines and objectives.

When we evaluate your goals and objectives, we can see your current situation more clearly and put a plan into action to get you where you want to go financially.

2. Implement

To help you get on track, during the implementation phase, we provide you with a set plan for your financial journey. Once we put your plan into motion, we provide you with a step-by-step checklist of what you can do to make your wants and goals a reality.

Using Modern Portfolio Theory, we allocate and diversify your assets, we manage volatility and reduce risk so you can get the most out of your investments. 

3. Monitor

Financial markets are constantly changing so it is important to continuously monitor and evaluate how well you are tracking toward your goals. This way as partners, we can explore new insights and opportunities that arise and adjust your plan when needed.

Monitoring the trends and patterns in the markets, we can make better decisions to increase the potential of your returns.

Baby Boomers

Many baby boomers worked hard to build investments and retirement savings. As they come closer to retirement, many seek professional financial help to:
• Know how and when to draw from savings to supplement your retirement.
• Make sure your money will last your entire lifetime.
• Figure out which investments are a good fit to match your financial safety and stability interests.

At Brighton Wealth Management, we design systematic financial planning strategies and create specific plans for each of your financial goals.

By the end of our third meeting, we present a written financial plan that will address all of your goals. Under certain circumstances, we may explore issues you hadn’t previously considered. 

Widowed/ Divorced

At Brighton Wealth Management, we often work with widowed and divorced people who suddenly face challenging financial and emotional decisions. Many wonder how they will retire well on their own, if alone. How much do they need to save?

Our knowledge and experience in this area will help you find the right answers and we’ll work with you to develop comprehensive financial plans that meet your specific needs and outcomes. 

Business Owners

Many business owners are interested in strategies to reduce tax costs and plan long term financial goals including the best way to plan for retirement for yourself and create a succession plan for your company.

At Brighton Wealth Management, we dedicate ourselves to help you every step of the way. We provide a financial plan to answer all your questions and guide you through the process to accomplish your financial goals.

A “Systems Approach” to Financial Planning

Financial planning is a process to develop and implement an organized and coordinated plan. We aim to achieve your unique financial objectives which may include how to manage your investments, to create your tax and retirement strategies and to plan for your estate.

At Brighton Wealth Management we consider your entire financial situation and take a “systems approach” to achieve your financial goals.

Since we work strictly on a fiduciary basis, our main focus is always on you, our client.

The Fiduciary Difference

As a fee-only Fiduciary Firm, Brighton Wealth Management practices under a Fiduciary Oath that requires us by law to always act in your best interest as our client. We serve you in an objective, unbiased manner and will always disclose or eliminate any potential conflicts of interest.

As a fee-only financial planner and investment management firm, we receive no compensation from any product we recommend. Since we do not represent any product or company, we only represent you as our client.

Since we receive compensation only from the fees paid by our clients, we therefore never accept cross-selling fees, referral fee arrangements, kickbacks, surrender fees, sales contests, “educational cruises” and vacations or “free gifts.”


As a fee-only Fiduciary Firm, our compensation only comes from you, our client so we only represent you. This allows us to completely devote our focus to you and your financial needs.

Unbiased Advice

At Brighton Wealth Management, we dedicate ourselves to provide financial and investment plans solely for the interest of our clients.

You can rest assured that our recommendations are not influenced by commissions or other forms of vendor-paid compensation.

As we provide the highest levels of personalized service, we also offer continuous professional, independent and unbiased financial advice.

About us

As a Registered Investment Advisors located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Brighton Wealth Management is dedicated to provide you with transparent, objective recommendations for the ideal options that match your unique financial situation.

We proudly tailor our services to suit your preferences as we help you build, manage, grow and protect your assets through life’s transitions.

As a fee-only financial planner in Salt Lake City, Utah, we specialize in and provide unique solutions for retirement and various other investments, in the areas of financial planning, asset management, wealth advisory, and strategic tax planning.

We are proud to say that many of our clients have confidence and trust in us with their life savings and to work together to plan their financial future. Because of our caring, personalized approach, we develop a close partnership with our clients that can last for decades.

At Brighton Wealth Management, we truly are in the relationship business and commit to serve you well for life. 

What is Financial Planning?   

Because achieving your financial goals involves the ability to make smart decisions about your money, financial planning is essential. When you clearly understand what you have today, what you want to have in the future and how you are going to get there, you dramatically increase the likelihood of financial success. This process of moving from where you are now (point A) to where you want to be (point B) involves identifying your short, intermediate and long term financial goals is the essence of financial planning. Our job is to help you get from point A to B as efficiently as possible with the greatest stability. 

What is a Fiduciary? 

As a fiduciary firm, we are 100% committed to act in your best interest as our client as our primary value. We are also required by law to do so. A fiduciary must always be objective, unbiased and transparent with our recommendations. We diligently eliminate or disclose any conflicts of interest. Because of this, we are on your side at all times. 

Do you work with clients outside of Salt Lake City?

Yes. From our base in Salt Lake City, we maximize the use of technology to schedule and conduct virtual meetings from where you are for your convenience. Whether you come to Utah to enjoy our outstanding skiing or breathtaking scenery, we can also schedule a meeting to fit into your plans.

Do I need to have my finances in order before I call you? 

Not at all. To organize your financial life is a big part of the up-front and ongoing value of financial planning. When you work with us, you will learn what information will be important to put together to create your financial plan. We help you put all the pieces together to get crystal clear on where you are and where you want to be. When you click on “Schedule a Meeting” and schedule your initial phone or office consultation, we can explore all the ways we can be a good fit to help you achieve your financial goals. 


Eric Stats, CFA


Eric Stats, CFA is President of Brighton Wealth Management.  He has over 25 years of experience in investment management and entrepreneurialism. Positions that he has held include Chief Investment Officer for Foresight Wealth Management, President of Foresight Wealth Management, original founder of Flex Fleet Rental, the Senior Portfolio Manager for Wells Fargo Asset Management, and Equity Specialist for Goldman Sachs.

Eric is most proud of his wife and three kids who are deeply involved with music. He loves to watch his kids perform piano, guitar, saxophone, flute, acting, singing, and several other instruments. When not watching his kids perform, he enjoys going to the theater (plays) and playing racquetball.

Cindy Gough

Tom Baird


Tom is a fully licensed investment advisor and is credentialed as a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and Chartered Life Underwriter(CLU) from The American College. Tom is also the published author of the article, “Proper Use of Insurance in Estate Planning”.

Tom has been committed to giving clients personal service and common-sense advice for over 35 years. An experienced professional in the financial services industry, he offers an uncommon depth of knowledge in critical areas of the financial landscape. He specializes in developing and implementing appropriate retirement and investment strategies to focus on capital preservation and wealth management.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Tom and his wife Susan have been happily married for 43 years. They are the parents of five children and 13 grandchildren. 

Cindy Gough

Cindy Gough

Office Manager 

Cindy plays an important role in the servicing of our clients. She is fundamental in the operational aspects of the business including the overall administration of the office, answering service-related calls and reviewing statements with clients. She has been working in the financial industry for over 22 years.

In addition to her work, Cindy enjoys needlework, biking and running.  But most of all spending time with her husband of more than 40 years, their three sons and seven grandchildren.

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